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Parent Involvement is key.

There are so many parents -- there are those that:


  • Are at everything -- the PTA meeting, running the fundraiser, at every meeting, in the classroom, on the playground -- you wonder do they work at the school.

  • Are at nothing -- we send our kids to school, everything is good they trek along, they graduate and forge ahead.

  • Are strategic advocates for their kids -- make the phone call to the teacher, maybe walk to the class room on a certain day to make their presence known. 

There are so many types of parent and we may be all the types as we move through the schools years as different children need different level of our involvement.  

But no matter the type of parent you are -- you are here 


and we are here to help you get involved, have a voice and stay involved -- know we are all the same we advocate for our own students which in turn advocates for all 

It's easy to become discouraged with attempts to make change in our school districts - education does not change quickly or turn on a dime.

Let us help you with that, by providing you with the support you need, as well as the tools and information to do that.  Our students need our voice and our community needs it continuously.

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Thanks for your help in making schools better for our kids!

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